Final Surgical Illustration Project

The semester is finally winding down and I have completed the last project for my surgical illustration course. I chose to gear this project to a professional medical audience by creating it in the style of a medical journal cover. The surgery this illustration focuses on is a corneal transplant to correct and restore the vision of a patient suffering from Fuchs’ Dystrophy. With Fuchs’ Dystrophy the cornea starts to swell as a result of the corneal endothelial cells being sloughed off.  The cells of  Descemet’s membrane begin to compensate by generating abnormal collagen leading to a thickened cornea. The endothelial cells help to drain the cornea and a loss of these cells causes the cornea to swell and the patient’s vision becomes blurred. There are also small epithelial blisters that show up on the cornea. If you would like to learn more about this condition then visit Johns Hopkins Medicine online.

The idea of this piece is to show the corneal transplant and Fuchs’ Dystrophy side by side. I used a decrease in saturation for the top half of the eye representing Fuchs’ Dystrophy to give it an ashen unhealthy feeling. The corneal transplant (bottom portion) has a higher saturation to keep the colors bright and “healthy” looking. The illustration was created using Adobe Photoshop. The American Journal of Ophthalmology is a real journal and not my creation. I am very pleased with how this turned out. Enjoy!

All rights reserved. Laura Kostovich © 2011

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