Mitosis WIP

One animation I am creating this semester explains mitosis (the duplicating of cells and their chromosomes). When I first started this animation I had no clear direction where to take the textures of the objects. This resulted in boring standard materials that I was NOT happy with. My professor during critique also pointed out that everything needed better lighting so the shadows would give the objects more form. When I was considering how to make more defined form the epiphany I had was a comic book style animation!! I am a geek and have always loved comic book artwork and the use of bold black sharp shadows to create form. With the intended audience being 7th and 8th graders a comic style animation was perfect. The animation is a little cheesy and dorky, but that’s what makes it fun!

I am using a photo I took one summer in this animation and needed to find a way to give it the comic book feel. I found a wonderful tutorial online that explained how to get the halftone effect associated with comic books. Click on the comic berries for more detail.


Some of the illustrations I used as inspiration:


This is the first draft of the animation.  There are a few changes I am going to make, but overall I love how it is turning out.

Animation and berry photo are Laura Kostovich © 2012

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