Animatic of COPII Vesicle Transport

Animation is another course I am taking this semester. For this course we are working on an animation throughout the whole semester. The storyboards were completed and now we are moving into the meat of the project with our animatics. An animatic is a way for animators to get the basic camera and object movements... Continue Reading →

It’s ALIVE!!!

This semester we took our final from the spring semester into Adobe After Effects and made a short 6 second animation of the 3d models.  This was my first adventure with After Effects and it's kind of addictive. I am hoping to do more of these short animations in the future.  You can view the... Continue Reading →

Surgical Orientation Finals

Surgical orientation class required two assignments this semester. The first is a line drawing of three surgical instruments. The instrument are a curette, towel clip and forceps.  The second assignment was to create a grayscale drawing of a "surgical moment". I chose the first step in a tonsillectomy.  This line drawing demonstrates the placment of... Continue Reading →

Vector cross section of the eye

Finals week is here for the summer semester. I've finished the vector eye cross section assigned to us in our Clinical Sciences class! I really love how this turned out. 🙂 This was one of my favorite assignments this semester because I really like the eye and this project had to be completed as vector... Continue Reading →

Polycystic Kidney Disease

One of the last assingments for my 3D class required us to create a polycystic kidney and a healthy kidney.  We were to create an educational piece that allows a reader to visually compare the two kidneys.  This was created using materialise mimics, 3ds max, mudbox, and photoshop. My educational piece explains from a genetic... Continue Reading →

Conjunctival Icterus

Well I am finally finished with another summer assignment (only 6 more to go). This is the finished version of my previous post.  Our assignment was to pick a disease of the eye and create an editorial cover for the disease. I chose conjunctival icterus which is yellowing of the sclera due to hepatitis or... Continue Reading →

3DS Max eye

This is the progress thus far for a summer class assignment I am in the middle of completing. I only have the iris done so far. The next step is to take my 3D eye model into Mudbox and paint the sclera. The reflection on the eye is of the checkered pattern plane its resting... Continue Reading →

Flash Class

It is summer semester and I have started my flash class.  This is the first time I have been introduced to flash and I am really enjoying it so far. Unfortunately, I cannot upload my first quick animation since the file type is not supported. But here are some stills from my animation.  The animation... Continue Reading →

3D Exercises

At the end of the semester in Computer Visualization we were required to improve the exercises we turned in at the beginning of the semester.  When embellishing my exercises I realized how important texturing, lighting, and camera angles are in a composition. These three components ended up being my favorite parts of a composition to... Continue Reading →

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