Sketches for studying 3

Third and FINAL exam for anatomy is over!  As much as I love anatomy and learning what makes up the human body I am glad the class is over. This was a very very intense class, which taught me a lot, but also took up most of my time. Now that the class is over... Continue Reading →

Biological Process Sketch

The last big assignment for Instructional Design is to create a time line for a biological process.  This project has a new twist on it to separate it from the "How-to" project.  The biological process must take into account the audience.  I chose to create a time line for the metamorphosis of a butterfly and... Continue Reading →

Heart anamoly sketch

The third assignment in my Anatomical Visualization class deals with anomalous venous branches of the heart. There were two journal articles that described the same anomaly, but different cases.  We were to chose one article and create an anomalous heart illustration based on the articles' description.  This project was to be approached as if we... Continue Reading →

Sketches for studying 2

Another anatomy test creeped up on me about a week ago. This test went better than the last and I think it is because I created more sketches for each arterial supply and organ being taught. Exam two covered the thorax and abdomen, which I enjoyed more so than the upper and lower extremities covered... Continue Reading →

Knees sketches

The second project for Anatomical Visualization is revolving around the four bones which create the knee joint.  The twist to this project is that it must be done in two point perspective. This has been challenging so far, but it really is helping me to create a more life-like illustration. Here are some sketches of... Continue Reading →

Shoulder sketches

For our first project in Anatomical Visualization it was focused on shoulders.  There were to be two final drawings.  The drawing of the anterior shoulder included three bones and three specific ligaments.  The second drawing portrayed a posterior shoulder with the same three bones and three muscles. Here are my four sketches for this project... Continue Reading →

Sketches for studying

Anatomy is another course that I am taking this semester. It has proven to be one of my more difficult courses.  I was trying different ways to study and I found that creating a sketchbook of the subject matter was most helpful. Being that I am a very visual person, drawing out the concepts and... Continue Reading →

“How-to” sketches

One class within my curriculum this semester is Instructional Design. Our first major assignment for this class was to create a "how-to" for a medical procedure. The medical procedure that I chose to illustrate was taking a blood pressure.  The goal of this project was to use as few words as possible.  This will be... Continue Reading →

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