Cougar Pride

I received my Bachelor of Science degree from Saint Xavier University in Chicago. One of my former professors contacted me to help out the biology department for the SXU homecoming project. Saint Xavier's mascot is the Cougar and this year every department in the university received a four foot long and three feet high cougar... Continue Reading →


Sketches from Vacation

This summer I was fortunate enough to go on vacation to Croatia. I got some sketching in, but there was not a lot of time to just sit for hours enjoying the scenery.  To solve this I took photos of different landscapes I fell in love with and plan on sketching them out later. Until... Continue Reading →

My Surgical Adventures

One course I am taking is called Surgical Illustration, which is amazing and a once in a lifetime opportunity!  For this course I am able to attend surgeries and draw the various steps the doctors are taking to complete the surgical procedure. When you first go to the operating room it is extremely intimidating, but... Continue Reading →

Anatomical Landmarks

For the fourth assignment in anatomical visualization the focus was on anatomical landmarks. We were to create a simple line drawing of the human figure, some of the skeleton, and some internal organs.  I heard "line drawing" and thought this assignment would be simple, easy, and be done in a breeze.  This assignment proved to... Continue Reading →

Quite the Anomaly

The heart anomaly project is finished.  The anomaly (if you were not able to guess from the previous sketch post) is the absence of the inferior vena cava to the right atrium of the heart.  Because the inferior vena cava (IVC) is absent near the heart the azygos vein must now take on the responsibility... Continue Reading →

Biological Process Sketch

The last big assignment for Instructional Design is to create a time line for a biological process.  This project has a new twist on it to separate it from the "How-to" project.  The biological process must take into account the audience.  I chose to create a time line for the metamorphosis of a butterfly and... Continue Reading →

Heart anamoly sketch

The third assignment in my Anatomical Visualization class deals with anomalous venous branches of the heart. There were two journal articles that described the same anomaly, but different cases.  We were to chose one article and create an anomalous heart illustration based on the articles' description.  This project was to be approached as if we... Continue Reading →

Completed Knees

This is what the final versions of the knee perspective drawings look like. The sketches showed the perspective guidelines only.  In the final versions the planes (sagittal, coronal, and transverse) are labeled along the appropriate guidelines.  There is also an axis of rotation that needed to be shown.  This is better seen in the third illustration. ... Continue Reading →

Knees sketches

The second project for Anatomical Visualization is revolving around the four bones which create the knee joint.  The twist to this project is that it must be done in two point perspective. This has been challenging so far, but it really is helping me to create a more life-like illustration. Here are some sketches of... Continue Reading →

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