Test Render

I am so close to being done with this semester! I have my test render for animation class up on vimeo. There are a few adjustments here and there I still have to make. I have another set of renders going right this instant so the final animation should be up by Monday. I am... Continue Reading →


Final Surgical Illustration Project

The semester is finally winding down and I have completed the last project for my surgical illustration course. I chose to gear this project to a professional medical audience by creating it in the style of a medical journal cover. The surgery this illustration focuses on is a corneal transplant to correct and restore the... Continue Reading →

Part 1 Almost Complete

It is almost that time of year when every student is stressed out because of finals. I am trying to complete my animation and I feel like it has consumed my life. I really enjoy animating, but it has not left much time for my other classes. I am almost complete with the first part... Continue Reading →

Animation progress

Animation class was on hold for a little while as I got busier in my other classes. Now however, I am working more with my vesicle transport animation. This past weekend I was in the lab remodeling all my scene elements.  I also finished texturing the models that are present within the cell.  

Final Medical Icons

The medical icons are finished!  This was a really fun assignment and I might do more in the future for fun.  Again the three icons were for: dentistry, pulmonology, and forensic toxicology. All rights reserved.  Laura Kostovich © 2011

Cataract Extraction Surgery

The second assignment for my surgical class was to illustrate and design a layout for 6 steps of a surgery we observed while in the operating room. I chose to illustrate a cataract extraction with an intraocular lens implant. I thought observing eye surgeries might upset my stomach a little, but ophthamology surgeries are my... Continue Reading →

Animatic of COPII Vesicle Transport

Animation is another course I am taking this semester. For this course we are working on an animation throughout the whole semester. The storyboards were completed and now we are moving into the meat of the project with our animatics. An animatic is a way for animators to get the basic camera and object movements... Continue Reading →

My Surgical Adventures

One course I am taking is called Surgical Illustration, which is amazing and a once in a lifetime opportunity!  For this course I am able to attend surgeries and draw the various steps the doctors are taking to complete the surgical procedure. When you first go to the operating room it is extremely intimidating, but... Continue Reading →

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